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. >> we have fought our way back. and we know in our hearts that for the united states of america, the best is yet to come. >> a long and hotly contested campaign into the president being electioned for four more years and a pledge to get back -- pledge to get back to work. we will tell you more on this wednesday november 7th i am charley crowson. >> it's the day after election and we have you covered everything from the national scene to the local election. >> we have to start with the weather. what's going on outside. >> we have a winter weather advisory to talk about this morning. for all the areas here shaded in the blue color because we could be seeing some snow today. and maybe about 1 to 2 inches of accumulation but this is going to be a/y mess because we are going to start you out with rain and then add snow as we go into afternoon. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar the rain pushing in across the area and a wentry mix started to come across the eastern shore and that's what we will have throughout the day many mainly snow into the afternoon and evening time fram
of the busiest cities in america. >> you talked to several people who did stay and they decided to ride out the storm. did anyone regret it? >> one person did. he stayed with his mother. he wished they went to an evacuation center. the hope was not equipped to with stand what sandy brought to the coastline and they were right on the shoreline near where the boardwalk had been demolished and he said he wished he took her to the emergency center and she didn't want to go. he wasn't going to leave her alone. but one of the homeowners we spoke with said he built his house for this. he had a kitchenette on the third floor and they had generators and were prepared and wanted to coo he what happened. >> very -- wanted to see what happened. >> it very well could have been us. >> 100 miles this was a 900 mile wide storm and we were skirted on this. >>> let's hope to get weather that dries out a little bit and allows everything to warm up so we can clean up the debris and anyone who had flooding wants to get their house into shape. lynette charles what are we in store for. >> we see remnants of sandy
in arizona and got stuck. >> good morning, topping america's money, estimates now say the total cost of hurricane sandy could top $50 billion with about 30 billion of that in damaged and destroyed property, and the rest in lost business activity. sandy has sparked a rebuilding rally on wall street. shares of home depot, lowes and other home improvement stores were up. home depot was up more than 2%. >>> airlines are scrambling in the wake of sandy trying to rebook as many as 2 million passengers after almost 20,000 flights were canceled because of the storm. most airlines are waiving rebooking fees. >>> and forget seeing red, how about hearing red, taylor swift's new album has rocketed to the top of the billboard charreds selling 1.2 copies in its first week. that's america's money. i'm sonny he or she sonny hoskin. >>> you're watching the station that works for you. now good morning maryland. >>> desperation leads to a helping hand, what maryland is doing to help our coastal towns in new jersey that were destroyed by sandy. >> and they're the guys that we call in to clear out our ho
they did ahead. >> reporter: good morning topping america's money a looming shortage of airline pilots. as many present pilots are about to retire others are taking jobs with foreign airlines that pay better and new rules next summer will make it more -- summer will make it more difficult to hire replacements. the workers who make twrchgies are on strike after hostesss cut wages and benefits they warn awidespread strike would force them to liquidate. the new challenge for veterans is finding a job. in the speech yesterday president obama promised to improve the job's pictures pour fet vaunts. sky fall ryes to the top of the box office. they earned 88 million dollars in the opening weekend in the u.s. the biggest opening of any of the 23 bomb film. that's america's money and i am rob nelson. >>> you're watching the station that works
, topping america's money, two views of the fiscal cliff. warren buffett doesn't think there'll be a recession even if there's no deal to head off higher taxes and spending cuts by january 1st. but charles schwab warns the deadline will likely be missed. >>> and it could be the end of the line for twinkies starting today. hostess brands has given striking workers until this afternoon to get back to work or it will try to liquidate the entire business and bankruptcy court. meaning the end of twinkies, wonder bread and 18,000 jobs. >>> the fda is looking into reports that the supercaffeinated five hour energy drink could be linked to 13 deaths over the past four years. the drink's maker says it doesn't know of any deaths proven to be caused by the drink. >>> and hiring is expected to be up about 5% next year for new college grads. employers say business remitted measures -- related majors, they will be most in demand. that's america's money, i'm rob nelson. >>> he was taken far too young. this is heartbreak this morning for one community after a 17- year-old high school student
that rushing water. >>reporter: good morning. topping america's money, another economic controversy. the federal budget deficit last month was $120 billion, 22% more than a year ago. that would be an annual deficit of more than a trillion dollars for the fifth straight year. toyota is recalling almost 3 million cars worldwide because of steering and water pump problems. the two recalls cover more than a dozen models including the prius, about a million of them sold in the u.s. sources tell bloomberg news u.s. airways presented a detailed merger plan to american's creditors yesterday, but american would rather exit bankruptcy as an independent carrier and will make its case to its creditors today. mark your calendars, the best days to shop are the monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday after turkey day. the latest of these light days at the stores is december 11th. after that you'll be fighting those huge crowds. that's america's money. i'm rob nelson. >>> breaking news to start your wednesday morning. one adult trap inside a burning house, we're going to take you to reisterstown fo
from good -- when good morning maryland continues. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, a huge settlement for the bull of oil spill. bp is pleading guilty to charges in connection with that disaster 2 1/2 years ago and will pay a record 4 1/2 billion dollars. bp still faces billions of dollars in additional claims from civil lawsuits. and this could be the twilight for twinkies. hostess brands gave the workers until yesterday afternoon to come back to work or else and the baker will announce this morning whether it will shut down for good. mortgage rates hit another low. average rate on the 30-year loan is 3 1/3% and that's the lowest in more than 40 years. 15 year loans are now at 2.65 and that's also a record. and action figures and a 700- year-old game are the newest members of the toy hall of fame the phenomenal popularity of the toy 30 years ago inspired movie and tv tie-in. and that's america's money i am rob nelson.
'm not getting cursed at. god bless america. >> the police are encoring the rule that went into effect in long island t goes into effect at 6:00 this morning in new york city. >>> there has been a outpouring of support for the victims in new york and new jersey. now you have a chance to help people in maryland affected by sandy. we're live this morning with more on how can you help. you are at the national harbor? >> reporter: that's right. in about an hour, you know people will be gathering here at the aquarium in baltimore to accept donations for the victims of hurricane sandy on the shore. now they are encouraging people to stop by this morning and drive off some donations to help the families. we have seen the devastation that sandy caused. they need help. they will help the people who live and work in maryland which is called the crab capital of the world. a bus will be here accepting non-perishable foods, blankets, fortable heaters. plume plies and tools. when they are gathered, officials from -- heaters and tools. once they are gathered they will be distributed. can you drop off the ite
. that's helping as well. it's a day of giving, it starts at 7:00 this morning, when good morning america comes on our air. >>> you can own a piece of entertainment history and money will go towards helping the victims of disain. jimmy kimmel is auctions off his desk. david letterman and steven colbert and stewart. bid on the desk at charity hope you had a great weekend. >> getting to weather, things could be changing. think last week was bad enough, many people are without power, cold temperatures t
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9